Summer Chemistry Program Offers Freshman a Leg Up

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Dr. Poler offers a Summer Chemistry Program ( July 31st through August 5 ) that introduces students to the material covered on the first two exams of CHEM1251 and you will take real quizzes and exams to test your preparedness (without the high stakes during the actual semester). Students who take the Summer Intensive Chemistry Orientation perform significantly better than the average 1251 student.

This is a one week Intensive study. My goal is to challenge all students, without leaving anyone behind. More than just Chemistry, you will “learn how to learn” at the college level. You will stay in a real dormitory and meet new students in similar majors. At the very least you will develop a better comfort level with college even before you start, lower your anxiety, and help you avoid the mistakes many freshman continue to make.

You must register online by July 22.