Minor in Biotechnology

Students majoring in Chemistry or Biology can pursue a minor in Biotechnology, offered through the Biology Department at UNC Charlotte.

Biotechnology is most commonly defined as the use of living systems and their components to resolve a problem or generate a product. Some examples of technologies and their applications within this field include: creating medical products for treatment of diseases, genetically engineering plants and animals for better food quality, using microorganisms to help clean the environment, and DNA fingerprinting to help solve crimes. Further, Biotechnology is applicable for advanced research in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, as well as plant and animal sciences.

The Biotechnology Minor Program is designed to provide students with a thorough background in the biological basis for common methodologies and applications used in the field through a sequence of required and optional courses. Students also gain hands-on experience in carrying out some of the techniques they learn about in their courses through a one semester internship.

Please visit the Biotechnology Minor Program website for more information.