Faculty in Administration

Banita W. Brown

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Success

Courses Taught: Courses Taught: Organic Synthesis (CHEM 4135/5135) Organic Structure (CHEM 4133) Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2131, 2131L, 2132, 2132L) Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 1251, 1252) Research Focus: Syntheses of macrocyclic “lariat” polyethers containing various sidearms. Synthesis substituted pyrroles via transition metal mediated rearrangements of substituted cyclopropylimines.

Bernadette T. Donovan-Merkert, Ph.D.

Interim Divisional Dean for BIOL, CHEM, MATH, PHYS; Professor of Chemistry

Education: B.S.: Duke University Ph.D.: The University of Vermont Post-doc: Dartmouth College; The University of Texas at Austin National Science Foundation Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Petroleum Research Foundation Research Corporation Field of Interest: Analytical Chemistry Research Focus: My research program focuses on electron-transfer reactions of organometallic complexes. By oxidizing or reducing these compounds we […]