Nanoscale Science Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. in Nanoscale Science at UNC Charlotte is an interdisciplinary program that addresses the development, manipulation, and use of materials and devices on the scale of roughly 1-100 nanometers in length, and the study of phenomena that occur on this size scale. The program prepares students to become scholarly, practicing scientists who possess the critical thinking, methodological, and communication skills required to advance and disseminate knowledge of fundamental and applied nanoscale science.

The many challenges and opportunities that nanoscale science presents to society require collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to research. Students enrolled in UNC Charlotte’s Ph.D. program in Nanoscale Science learn about the exciting field of nanoscale science from the perspectives of faculty members of a variety of disciplines and develop an advanced knowledge base of a selected science or engineering discipline. NANO courses are team taught and/or co-developed by teams of faculty members from multiple disciplines. This approach provides students trained in a specific science or engineering field at the undergraduate or master’s level with the tools needed to work effectively with scientists and engineers from other disciplines on cutting-edge research projects.

Students in the program acquire the knowledge and skills needed to compete effectively for positions in academic, industrial, or government settings by completing interdisciplinary nanoscale science courses and elective courses, participating in program colloquia and seminars, working as a member of a team on projects and research proposals, and making research contributions independently and as part of a team.

For more information on the Ph.D. Program please visit the Nanoscale Science website.