Billy Johnson earned his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Fall 2011. He worked as a Chemistry Technician at Gastonia’s Water Treatment Plant before moving on to Special Metals Welding Products Company where he worked in quality assurance. Billy began his graduate studies at UNC-Charlotte Fall 2014. Upon completing […]

​Dr. Michael Walter and Ms. Jessie Enlow (Cox Mill High School teacher) led a polymer semiconductor workshop for 13 local high school science teachers in the Burson building on Monday, October 26. The goal of the workshop was to integrate nanoscale material science experiments into prescribed high school curricula. The program – funded by the […]

Candidate: Derek Micheal Peloquin Sponsoring Chair: Dr. Thomas A. Schmedake Committee: Dr. Bernadette Donovan-Merkert, Dr. Daniel Rabinovich, Dr. Michael Walter, and Dr. Brigid Mullany (Graduate Faculty Representative) Defense Date: March 30, 2016 – 1:00 PM Location: Burson 116 Degree Program Name: Ph.D. in Nanoscale Science Abstract: Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical characterization of hexacoordinate polypyridine silicon complexes […]

Students from the Chemistry M.S. program and the Nanoscale Science Ph.D. program made outstanding contributions to the 16th Annual UNC Charlotte Graduate Research Symposium, held on Saturday, April 2. Three Chemistry M.S. students (Jerrod, Flanagan (advisor: Dan Rabinovich), Billy Johnson (advisor: Jordan Poler), and Crystal Waters (advisor: Tom Schmedake)) along with two Nanoscale Science Ph.D. […]

Defense Title: Applications of next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms for multiplexed biosensing and aptamer discovery: G-quadruplex aptamers as a case study. Candidate: Sushant Patil Sponsoring Chair: Dr. Jennifer Weller Committee: Dr. Jennifer Weller, Dr. Jerry Troutman, Dr. Joanna Krueger, Dr. Ed Stokes, Dr.Valery Grdzelishvili Defense Date: April 5, 2016 – 2:30 PM Location: BINF 105 Degree […]

The Science and Technology Expo featured over 100 activities for the science-curious of all ages, including hands-on educational presentations and fascinating displays — engineering demonstrations, computer and software explorations, all kinds of cool robots in action, lab tours in the life sciences, STEM education activities, environmental science, rockets, drones, the nearby UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens […]

The Thomas D. Walsh Graduate Research Fellowship, made possible by the generous support of Dr. Thomas D. Walsh, recognizes outstanding contributions by M.S. candidates to graduate research. Returning graduate students are eligible for this prestigious award after their first year. The Thomas D. Walsh Graduate Research Fellowship supports the winner with a research assistantship and […]

As part of the NC Science Festival series of events, talks are scheduled featuring UNC Charlotte faculty members (including some from CLAS), to show the impact of their research. The talks in the Faculty Lecture Series are meant to give their audiences clear and intimate views of some intriguing current university research activities. Members of […]