Honors Program

Requirements for Graduation with Honors in Chemistry
Honors courses offered by the Department of Chemistry are Honors sections of already-existing courses in 1) CHEM 4900 – Directed Undergraduate Research, and 2) CHEM 4696 – Seminar. To obtain a degree with Honors in Chemistry, a student must

  1. Complete at least 2 semesters, and a minimum of 4 credit hours of Directed Honors Research CHEM 4900H. At least 2 credit hours are taken in the student’s last semester as a capstone experience. The student must form an Honors thesis committee and prepare an Honors research proposal for submission to their thesis committee and the Honors Program Director. This proposal must be approved 1 week prior to being submitted to the Honors College (Typically reading day of the semester before graduation.
  2. Complete an Honors Research Capstone experience and complete an Honors thesis based on the Directed Honors Research.

  3. Complete 1 hour of Honors Seminar (CHEM 4696H), which involves a seminar presentation of the results of the Honors research and defense of the Honors thesis. The thesis must be successfully defended before the student’s Honors Thesis Committee (consisting of the Honors research advisor, plus two additional members of the Chemistry Department’s Honors Faculty).

  4. Have a GPA of at least 3.75 for all Honors work in Chemistry at UNC Charlotte, have a GPA of at least 3.5 for all UNC Charlotte course work, have a GPA of at least 3.25 for all course work in Chemistry at UNC Charlotte, receive the grade of “A” for at least 4 hours of Directed Honors Research, and receive an A for the CHEM 4696H, including their defense of their honors thesis to their thesis committee.

Recommendations for Graduation with Honors in Chemistry
Many students do not realize that they can start their honors research experience much earlier than their senior year. There are many benefits to being an honors student and you are encouraged to apply at any time if you meet the criteria above. In addition to the required parts of the Honors Degree, student are recommended to also take:

1. CHEM 4695H during their pentultimate semester. This is our required second seminar course but you will get credit for your honors research proposal if you sign up for the honors section 4695H. Your admission to honors candidacy and your honors proposal is due by Reading Day of your pentultimate semester. You should be starting the proposal by discussing the project with your research advisor. See examples of proposals below.

Admission to the Honors Program
Consideration for admission to the Honors Program may be initiated by the student or by any honors faculty member. The Honors Program Director of the Chemistry Department will formally approve admission. The student may be removed from the Honors Program at any time, upon his/her own request or upon the recommendation of the Honors Committee of the Chemistry Department. They will then exercise the option of (1) withdrawing from the Honors course(s) in accordance with the University policy on withdrawal or (2) switching from the Honors section of the course(s) to a regular (non-Honors) section of the course(s). Continuation in the Honors Program is reviewed each semester and the student may be removed by the Honors Program Director if their GPA requirements are not maintained, or if they have committed any academic integrity code violations.

Please contact the Honors Program Director, Dr. Jordan Poler (jcpoler@uncc.edu) for more information about the Honors Chemistry Program

Note: While the Honors Program in Chemistry is intended primarily for chemistry BA or BS majors, it is open to students in other majors who have the appropriate background in chemistry.


All students planning to graduate with honors must first apply to candidacy during the semester before their last semester. More information about the graduation process is found at the Honors College website. to the Honors College an with a thesis/project proposal by the deadline of the semester PRIOR to the semester in which they expect to complete the thesis/project. This process includes a review of the proposal by Honors Faculty and sometimes requires revisions. Plan ahead and contact your honors program director in your junior year to facilitate this process. They, as well as your thesis advisor and any reader(s), must review the proposal and approve it via signature before submission.

This Application to Candidacy process is required before starting their honors thesis capstone courses (CHEM4900H and CHEM 4696H). Students who fail to complete this required step will not be able to proceed with the honors thesis/project, nor graduate with honors. For more information, including the form, deadlines, and guidelines, see https://honorscollege.uncc.edu/living-honors/graduation-process

The preparation of your honors proposal, layman description and your honors thesis is a collaboration between you and your honors thesis committee, and specifically your honors research advisor. You should be discussing your desire to pursue an honors thesis with your research advisor as soon as possible. Examples of proposals, layperson descriptions, and an successful Honors Thesis are listed here:

Honors Proposal
Layman Summary Instructions
Layperson Description
Honors Thesis