Forms Frequently Used

Registration Override Request: Used to request the ability to register for a course despite receiving an error. You must include the error type with sufficient explanation for why the override is justified for it to be approved. Typically processed within 24 hours.

Transfer Credit Evaluation: Used to determine equivalent transfer coursework not already reviewed by the Office of Admissions or the Registrar’s Office. Form must be submitted to the Chemistry Department with a course description and syllabus from the original institution.

Permit for Transient Study: Used to preapprove equivalency of coursework a student plans to take at another institution and allow the credit to transfer back into the university. If you are a chemistry major, the form must be submitted to the Chemistry Department before taking the course. Non-Chemistry majors must check with their major department before submitting a form to the Chemistry Department. This form can take up to one week to process.
Policy information is available at the Advising Center.
You can check current equivalency information with the Admissions Office.

Change of Major Form: If you wish to declare a major and minor in Chemistry, you must fill out this form and make an appointment with the Advising Coordinator, Dr. Eric McKenzie. If you wish to drop the minor in Chemistry, you must email the registrar.